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  1. First of all visit this link, watch the video and write the name of the characters in the song (i.e. Frankestein)

2. Secondly, visit this page and answer some questions:


- Where did the Celtics live?

- How are pastries called in Halloween in England?

- Where is the myth of "jack o´ lantern from?

- What kind of plants are pumpkims?

- Who, when and where raised the biggest pumpikim?

3. Download this worksheet and make it:

4. Write five sentences about your Halloween day.

5. Find a mask on the net and make it. You can look at these pages or others:

- http://www.dibujosparapintar.com/manualidades_mascaras.html
- http://www.imanualidades.com/10/06/mascaras-y-caretas-para-halloween/
- http://www.yodibujo.es/r_631/actividades/fabricar-con-tus-manos/manualidades-para-cada-fiesta-del-ano/fabricar-materiales-para-halloween/caretas-y-mascaras-para-halloween/